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N.Y. Senator Introduces Legislation to Protect Consumer's Data

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Feb. 13, 2020—U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, D-NY, today introduced legislation to create an effective, independent Data Protection Agency. 

The Data Protection Act creates an agency that can utilize its resources to police the current widespread exploitation of consumers’ personal information and would be staffed with personnel who possess the requisite experience to regulate the field of data security.

“Businesses’ inconsistent approach towards compliance with the California Consumer Protection Act proves that enforcement of privacy regulations is critical,” EPIC associate director and former president of Californians for Consumer Privacy Mary Stone Ross said in a press release.

The California Consumer Privacy Act was installed in 2018 to provide consumers with the right to see the personal information that businesses collect about them.

The law gives consumers the right to know what information corporations are collecting on them, gives consumers the right to tell a business not to share or sell their information and protects consumers against businesses that do not uphold the  value of privacy. As Frank Terlep, automotive repair industry veteran, sees it in a May 2019 FenderBender story, after studying the law, it appears it can affect any business that a California resident would go to, even if the business is not in the state of California.

The law can affect how shops handle consumer consent documents, collect information on the customer and their security practices.


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