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Hyundai Partners with Canoo for EVs

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Feb. 12, 2020—Hyundai Motor Group and Canoo are partnering to develop a new electric vehicle platform based on Canoo's own vehicle, reported the Verge

This EV platform will power small, “cost-competitive” electric vehicles, as well as “purpose built vehicles,” which would more closely resemble shuttles or even autonomous people-movers.

While pretty much every electric vehicle startup has talked about wanting to license out their technology or partner with legacy automakers, almost none have landed a deal.One of the only exceptions to date have been Michigan-based startup Rivian, which is working with Amazon and Ford. 

Canoo developed a so-called “skateboard” for this vehicle that houses the battery pack, electric motors, and other electronics. This neat packaging of all that technology makes it possible to power multiple vehicles using the same adaptable platform, thereby cutting costs.

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