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CalPro Helps Estimators Identify ADAS Calibrations

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Jan.  21, 2021—Earlier this week, ADAPT brought you the business model behind CalPro ADAS Solutions, but now we delve into the company’s recently-launched diagnostic tool that helps shop workers identify needed ADAS calibrations before the estimate is even written. 

“There was a need for people to understand which ADAS systems are on cars in the collision space,” says Todd Balan, CEO and co-founder of CalPro ADAS Solutions. 

By using CalPro’s mobile app in conjunction with its diagnostic tool, ADAS IdentiScan, Balan says shop workers can quickly access a vehicle’s mechanical damage as well as electrical damage. 

“You have to have a system operating properly for liability reasons,” says Balan, “We can help collision shops reduce liability with a simple, easy-to-use tool.”


The Product

CalPro’s ADAS IdentiScan is a diagnostic OBDII plug-in scan tool, Balan says, that identifies advanced driver assistance systems on a vehicle. 

Within 90 seconds, Balan says the ADAS IdentiScan can provide estimators with a full report of the advanced driver assistance systems on a vehicle, whether they are activated or not. 

Balan says this product differs from others because it provides the estimator with the necessary information before they begin writing the estimate. Once the estimator has all the information, they can better inform customers and technicians about what to expect from the repair. 

“It makes the job on the backend easier, because everything has been gathered up front,” Balan says. 

In order to access the information provided by the scan tool, shop workers must have a stable WiFi or cellular connection and its accompanying mobile app. 


The App

Balan says the diagnostic tool and the app have a one-to-one relationship. Connected via Bluetooth, the app will display all of the ADAS systems, noting which have been damaged and require calibration. 

CalPro ADAS Solutions has a software team that writes all of the app’s code, Balan says, but the company owns its own patents. 

In order to download the app, Balan says there will be a subscription fee, but estimators can choose a monthly or yearly payment plan. 


The Purpose

Balan says CalPro ADAS Solutions aims to provide shop owners with three things: the correct information, at the right time, and to the right person. 

By providing estimators with all the information they need at the start of the repair process, Balan says shops can save valuable time for both its customers and its staff. Through the app, the ADAS IdentiScan tool can help estimators develop a comprehensive repair plan while keeping customers informed. 

The end goal, Balan says, is to help shop workers use technology to their advantage, by providing them with all the necessary information, so they can trust they’re performing a complete and safe repair.  


Image: CalPro ADAS Solutions

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