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CalPro Narrows ADAS Focus

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Jan. 18, 2021—Advanced driver assistance systems have both excited and befuddled industry professionals for decades. The sensors guiding these systems require meticulous calibrations and near-perfect placements, making a technician’s job nearly impossible without the proper tools and resources. 

This week, CalPro ADAS Solutions is launching one of the industry’s first products that identifies ADAS calibrations before the estimate is written, decreasing cycle time, saving shop workers’ frustration, and ensuring a safe and comprehensive repair. 

But, Todd Balan, CEO and co-founder of CalPro ADAS Solutions says their product,  ADAS IdentiScan, was not the initial goal for the company. 


Hub and Spoke

Balan, who formerly worked as the senior vice president of corporate development for asTech, says when discussions began at the start of 2019, the plan was to conduct calibrations as well as identify them. 

In the original business plan, Balan says CalPro ADAS Solutions staked out a location where it would be the go-to calibration center for roughly 30 surrounding shops. Balan says that is one of the few ways independent shops could turn a profit conducting calibrations, if their shop is the “hub” servicing a plethora of surrounding “spokes,” or shops. 

But then, he says plans shifted as the coronavirus swept through the nation. 


Pivoting from the Pandemic

“We couldn’t launch right as COVID-19 hit,” Balan says. 

In order to outfit a shop for correct calibrations, it needs to have an alignment rack, OEM specified tools, aftermarket tools, targets, and more, says Balan, noting that each of those categories are constantly expanding. According to his estimate, it takes half a million dollars to be able to conduct correct calibrations, which he says, was too risky to invest during the pandemic. 

“COVID changed the original business model,” he says. “Now we’re focused on ADAS IdentiScan.” 


Narrowing the Focus

Balan says the company is focused on providing shops with three things: the right information, at the right time, given to the right person. 

The ADAS IdentiScan tool works in tandem with the mobile scanner app, highlighting necessary calibrations before the repair plan has been crafted, ticking each box correctly, the first time around. 

“Our goal is to really try to make it simple, using technology to better the process, and help people be smarter,” says Balan. 


To learn more about CalPro ADAS Solutions and its products, check back for part two on Thursday. 


Image: CalPro ADAS Solutions

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