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How Your Shop Can Be Proactive with Connected Vehicles

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Feb. 11, 2020—Connectivity. It encompasses vehicle-to-vehicle connection, V2V, and vehicle-to-infrastructure, V2X, according to Derek Kaufman, managing partner at Schwartz Advisors LLC, a team of aftermarket veterans providing expertise on growth strategies.

V2V connection allows a car to communicate with another car to relay changes in traffic in order to avoid collisions. V2X allows GPS services to be connected to the car so that the car itself, other buildings and stores know where the car is located in case of a crash or an emergency.

Shops can leverage telematics by connecting to vehicles in a manner that allows them to be predictive on service needed as opposed to reactive, he says.In fact, a number of telematics service providers will send a trouble code saying the vehicle needs a service. Shops will then take that trouble code and understand the likely parts required in that service, and notify the owner it needs to be repaired before the car breaks down.

The shop needs the ability to connect to the car to do this service. There are products on the market that plug into a OBD-II port that can give specific diagnostic data for a car. It's more than the trouble code read—newer cars can provide a host of data that repair shops can use to tailor a service plan.

Another avenue the repairer can take to leverage telematics is to use the data to offer predictive maintenance in a business-to-business relationship. For example, a shop can use the data to perform repairs on fleets for businesses that they service before the vehicle is out of commission and loses the company a lot of money.

"A faster response to a trouble code is everything for the ability of the business to get a service to a customer," he says.

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