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An Inside Look at Bosch’s Accelerated Scan Tool

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Dec. 9, 2020—Bosch has been in diagnostics for a long time, according to Product Manager, Danijela Haskin, and its latest scan tool, the ADS 525X, is a culmination of everything learned thus far.

Scanning is one of the first and also one of the most important steps to getting your vehicle repaired as it tells the technician what needs to be fixed at each juncture of the repair process.  

According to a press release, “the ADS 525X can perform all-systems DTC scans under 60 seconds, with complete scans taking 30 seconds or less for many vehicle makes and models.” 

ADAPT spoke with Haskin to learn more about the recently-announced scan tool. 


How important is scanning? 

“[Technicians] should be scanning everything that comes through the door,” says Haskin. 

Think about going to a doctor’s office, Haskin poses. “You give them a running list of your symptoms and the doctor has experience, but they still need tools and tests to diagnose you—the same goes for your vehicle.” 

Haskins says if you have a headache, the doctor may take your vitals. Similarly, she says plugging in a diagnostic tool that shows live data, is almost like checking vitals for your car. 

Many technicians rely on the dashboard lights to tell them what’s wrong with a vehicle, but Haskin says that can cause them to miss underlying issues that may not correspond to a light on the dashboard. 

Scans provide a “state-of-health” for vehicles, she says. Pre- and post- scans are used to diagnose critical matters in addition to what may appear as more obvious repairs needed. By completing thorough scans throughout the repair process, Haskin says a technician can be sure to perform an accurate and comprehensive repair. 


How it Measures Up

The ADS 525X Scan Tool has a certain “uniqueness” says Haskin, with all new hardware, faster processor, more memory, and an extended battery life. 

“We had the opportunity to tailor the tool for mechanical technicians as well as collision network technicians,” says Haskin, which led to a more user-friendly interface on the device’s 8” widescreen LCD display. 

Haskin says cycle time is important and that’s why the ADS 525X Scan Tool has improved speed scanning throughout entire vehicles. Haskin also noted that Bosch has brought certain functions forward that are more commonly used, like Quick Scans. 

Additionally, the ADS 525X is compatible with other Bosch products including tire pressure monitoring systems, battery testers, circuit analyzers, and the latest ADAS technology. 


Payment Options

One of the features that sets this scan tool apart from the rest is its variety of payment options and subscription levels, says Haskin, essentially allowing shops and their technicians to “only pay for what [they] need.”

Upfront, the tool costs $2,100 which comes with a full year of access to software and coverage updates for the first 12 months. Each purchase also includes 30 days of free access to the Enhanced subscription. 

The Enhanced subscription offers full-system color wiring diagrams and access to  Repair-Source, which Haskin says is an on-tool OEM service and repair information library. 

Haskin says with Bosch being a larger company, they work closely with OEMs and are at the forefront of automotive technologies, allowing them to develop the most intuitive tools to get the job done.


Image: Bosch

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