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Nissan LEAF Performs Autonomous 230-Mile Drive

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Feb. 10, 2020—A Nissan LEAF made a 230 mile journey in November 2019, reported CleanTechnica.

The journey was finished without human intervention and seems to be a level 5 autonomous drive.

During the drive, there were two engineers on board and monitoring the car's actions. 

The “Grand Drive” started from Nissan Technical Centre at Cranfield, Bedfordshire, north of London, going to Nissan in Sunderland, 230 miles further north, with 4 scheduled charging stops on the way. The autonomous technology changed lanes, adjusted speed, merged, stopped, and started.

The LEAF features GPS, radar, LIDAR, and camera technologies that build up a perception of the world around it. Using that perceived world, the system can make decisions about how to navigate roads and obstacles it encounters on a journey.

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