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Mobile Tech RX’s CEO Talks Chat Bots

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Dec. 1, 2020—The automotive industry is becoming more reliant on business management software programs that help owners stay up to speed on scheduling, repairs, and general workflow. Many of these software companies are integrating chat bots, automated software used to conduct online conversations, onto their interfaces in order to provide more efficient customer service.  

Mobile Tech RX, a business management software company, recently acquired Claimbot, a chat bot with integrated paying options, to bring artificial intelligence into its platform. 

ADAPT spoke with Eric Garves, CEO and co-founder of Mobile Tech RX, to learn about the acquisition, its driving force, and what the future may have in store for the software company. 


What is Mobile Tech RX?

Mobile Tech RX is a business management software that allows its users to write estimates, schedule out appointments, manage teams, process payments and more, directly from their phone. 


When was Mobile Tech RX founded?

Mobile Tech RX was founded in 2014 and officially went to market in 2015. We started as an estimating platform and then added more features to help our users like scheduling and payment options. 


Who is Mobile Tech RX’s customer base?

Our customer base is, primarily, anyone in the automotive reconditioning industry like window tinters, detailers, etc. We also provide services to vendors, contractors, mobile technicians, and smaller shops with a staff size hovering around five. 

Currently, we have more than 5,000 users on our platform. 


Where does Mobile Tech RX get its data from? 

Our data is independent information gathered by us. A lot of the founders are in the industry or from the industry, so we know our stuff. Most of our data are crowdsourced. People contribute information and then we run it through a verification process to ensure it’s accurate. 

We try to mix all cool and interesting data to help technicians write a better estimate. Our special sauce is mixing the data to make it look like a customized business software experience. 


How did Mobile Tech RX come to add a chat bot to its platform? 

First, we partnered with Claimbot to create a pilot program. Five different companies tested the pilot by embedding it to their websites, so when customers would go to the site, they would be prompted to upload photos of their vehicle, which would then funnel the information to their Mobile Tech account. It was a highly successful pilot program. 

Why did Mobile Tech RX choose to acquire Claimbot? 

After the pilot program, we were able to see just how much added value it brought to our users. Then we discussed partnering with Claimbot, until we decided that we wanted to own the Claimbot source code, rather than license it. That led us to acquiring the chat bot. 


What is the next step for Mobile Tech RX?

We hope to integrate a new artificial intelligence product with Claimbot. The alpha-level integration will be completed by the end of the year; our goal is to be able to accurately quote jobs by the end of 2020. 

But we hope to have the fully-integrated product by the first half of 2021. The goal is to have the bot collect information, give accurate quotes, collect deposit payments as well as full payments, and integrate all of that into Mobile Tech RX’s calendar tool. 


Responses were edited for clarification. 


Image: Claimbot

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