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Survey: Technology Has Improved Driving Experience

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Feb. 7, 2020—A new LendingTree survey suggests drivers may not be comfortable with some of the bigger advances in transportation technology (self-driving and electric cars), but says a majority of consumers think that modest and incremental advances in driving technology—Bluetooth, backup cameras and assisted self-driving, as examples—have improved the driving experience, and they're willing to spend extra to get it.

In the survey, 56 percent of consumers believe driving technology innovations (ie Bluetooth, backup cameras, self-parking cars) have made driving more safe, but 26 percent believe those innovations have actually made driving less safe. Overall, six in 10 people are concerned with the amount of technology in cars now compared to five years ago.

Because 72 percent of Americans surveyed would feel unsafe with self-driving cars on the road, the survey also shows that 43 percent of drivers are more likely to pay more money for a car to come equipped with automated safety features, while 31 percent said they’re likely to spend less money for a car with fewer bells and whistles.

Consumers believe that these types of technologies assist with the driving experience; however, the type of technology they are comfortable with is incremental — and used in conjunction with their own driving skills — rather than revolutionary.

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