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Bosch to Debut Training Courses

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Nov.  4, 2020—With 2021 ahead, many technicians in the industry are growing restless for more work, more distraction, and most importantly, more education. 

From the outside looking in, the automotive industry appears to move slowly. New models are announced, and a couple, or a few, years later they are on the roads. But any tech who spends their day on the shop floor knows that vehicles are changing by the minute with increased features and capabilities. 

That is why Bosch is reinventing its technician training courses, to remain at the cutting-edge while offering a glimpse into the future of collision repair at a time when everything seems to be standing still. 

Shawn Dupuie, fixed operations and training solutions manager for Bosch North America, spoke with ADAPT about the upcoming courses and why technicians should rely on Bosch. 


Q: How did you begin your time at Bosch?
A: I’m a car guy. I started my career as a drivability technician, then went into service management as a service readiness engineer. Then I transitioned to the training aspect in regards to the OEM side. I was really attracted to training, going through training myself and understanding pain points, and learned a lot of things I would like to share with others. 


Q: How is Bosch helping to educate the industry?

A: We are working on a series of training classes to educate technicians on the latest repair procedures and the use of the newest equipment. 


Q: Which types of courses do you plan to offer?

A: We plan to offer webcast seminars in addition to in-person two-day training classes.  


Q: What topics will the courses cover?
A: We will offer classes in basic electrical work, to electrical systems, to braking systems, to calibration. We focus a lot on fuel systems and braking systems in our classes. We have diagnostic and ADAS equipment out there so we want to make sure we’re educating the users properly on how to use it. There will be an ADAS 101 course and the different types of calibrations and even diagnostic modes. 


Q: Do you pay per class?

A: We haven’t solidified prices yet, but we will release a per-course price list for curious techs who want to get out there on their own and also a subscription model for shops to purchase with varying levels like bronze, silver, and gold. 


Q: When will the classes be available?

A: First quarter of 2021, I would like to bring it in with the new year. 


Q: To whom are the classes offered? 

A: Our classes will be available to technicians and other professionals in the industry. At Bosch, we are at the forefront of designing so we would also like to be at the forefront of educating technicians.

Q: Why should technicians choose Bosch over other educational entities in the industry?
A: At Bosch, we don’t have to reach out to third parties for information, because most is done in-house. Other entities don’t have the advantage of creating equipment and diagnostic tools first hand. Techs today see something from Bosch and they know we’re speaking first hand.

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