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Tool Identifies Necessary ADAS Calibrations

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Oct. 30, 2020—The latest hill for the collision repair industry is a steep one—ADAS calibrations. Advanced driver assistance systems are becoming increasingly popular across all makes and models, but what is often left out of the conversation is how important it is to perform accurate calibrations of these fastidious systems. 

After a vehicle has been in an accident, there are visible physical damages that need to be repaired. But just as important, are the not-so-visible damages that may be done to the camera and sensors placed throughout the vehicle. Failure to calibrate these vital sensors could have a plethora of consequences.  

For this story, ADAPT talked with one new company who may have the missing piece to the calibration puzzle. Nick Dominato, president and founder of adasThink, answered our questions about how his product is helping technicians provide the highest quality service to their customers. 


Q: What does your product do?

A: adasThink is a software tool for body shops that can provide them with required ADAS calibrations. It can take the shop’s estimate and tell them what is equipped on the vehicle, and therefore, what needs to be calibrated. 

Q: What problems does it solve?

A: Body shops are overlooking the need for calibrations because it doesn’t show up on a scan or as a light on the dashboard. Technicians who have repaired a bumper hundreds of times don’t need to look up the repair procedure, but that is where the calibration requirement is listed. They would do the calibration if they knew, but they don’t know. 

Q: How does it work?

A: adasThink works in two ways, first we can take the VIN and get the build data from the vehicle to learn what’s equipped and what’s not. Then we cross reference what’s equipped on the vehicle to OEM repair procedures and look at ADAS repair procedures. From there, we highlight which features need to be calibrated by a technician after the repair and even include instructions on how to do the calibration correctly. 

Q: How did you learn about calibrations to the degree to provide technicians with assistance?

A: I used to work with asTech and they do a lot of work on the calibration side so I started looking into it and thought, ‘My god, they require a whole host of things that are clearly being missed.’ For several months, me and my two researchers worked to learn the ins and outs of ADAS calibration. We went through OEM repair procedures to find out where calibration requirements are, which are consistent with manufacturers, and compiled it all into a database. 

Q: Is it fully functional?

A: We’re in beta-mode right now. We are inviting body shops to try it for free, play around with it, and then give us some feedback so we can iron it out. More than 100 shops are testing it now because they get 25 free estimates before we launch. 

Q: When will you launch adasThink?

A: We will launch at the Collision Hub World's Fair which takes place Nov. 9 through 20. Then, shops can pay for a monthly subscription fee that includes a number of estimates. 


Learn more about adasThink and register for the beta program here

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