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Q&A With Data Collector, Otonomo

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Oct. 7, 2020—In today’s world, your data is constantly being collected. Where you grocery shop, what cell phone provider you use, and even which social media apps you frequent are all monitored by one entity or another. ADAPT reached out to Matan Tessler, vice president of product at Otonomo, an automotive data services platform, to ask questions about how your data is collected and in what ways it’s being used. 

  1. What services does Otonomo's self-serve platform offer?

The Otonomo Self-Serve Platform and API offers access to hassle-free real-time and historical aggregated connected car data. Essentially, any startup or app developer who needs access to connected car data can sign up and access the platform.

  1. How do customers pay for your service? 

Anyone can sign up for the platform and will receive a 30-day free trial. After 30 days, then the platform is a pay-as-you-use it model. The price is determined based on the amount and type of data that you need.

  1. Where does Otonomo get its data from? Are the drivers aware that their data is being collected by Otonomo?

Otonomo is currently partnered with 12 OEMs including BMW, Peugeot, Mercedes and Mitsubishi, and with leading fleets globally. We securely ingest 4 billion data points from over 22 million vehicles in over 100 countries each day. The data is being collected with the proper consent by Otonomo's data providers. The data doesn't contain any personal identifier and goes through additional blurring by Otonomo.

  1. How does Otonomo keep its clients' data secure?

Otonomo is committed to data privacy and security. We help OEM’s adhere to privacy laws through our technology which includes the Consent Management Hub and Dynamic Blurring Engine. Our data is blurred, as needed, using our Data Blurring Engine. We use sophisticated blurring techniques to turn personal data into aggregate data that is both usable and valuable.

  1. Who can access the car data found on Otonomo's platform?

With the launch of the Self-Serve Platform, anyone can access the data by creating a free account. We developed this platform for start-ups, developers, analysts, academics and anyone else who needs access to this type of data.

  1. How does Otonomo's platform differ from other available connected car data aggregates?

The Self-Serve Platform is an industry first, and no one else has something like it. In general, Otonomo is the only platform that uses both personal and aggregate data to power our ecosystem.

  1. What does Otonomo do with its collected data?

Otonomo uses patented technology to ingest, secure, cleanse, normalize, aggregate and enrich car data from over 22 million vehicles. Essentially, we take tons of raw data and make it usable for apps and services based on connected car data.  

  1. Who does Otonomo sell the platform’s data to? 

Otonomo partners with hundreds of companies developing applications and services based on connected car data. Use cases for connected car data include smart city development, fleet management, remote diagnostics, traffic management, electric vehicle development, etc. With the new Self-Service Platform, we hope to be able to expand and allow thousands more startups, analysts, developers and others to use our data.

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