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2020 Brings New LiDAR Sensors

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Feb. 4, 2020—Bosch recently announced its plans to produce long-range LiDAR sensors for the first LiDAR system suitable for automated driving, reported  All About Circuits.

At CES 2020, Baraja announced an update to their LiDAR line, Spectrum-Scan. The Spectrum-Scan platform offers detail at long ranges of objects on dark highways over 200 meters away. 

The newest generation of Spectrum-Scan claims "inherent interference immunity" via encoded light. This is an additional layer of safety on top of their method of splitting light through a prism for more data points for comparison (e.g., light angle, wavelength, etc.), according to the report.

Velodyne’s latest LiDAR venture, the Velabit, was announced in January. It is designed to be integrated within a vehicle’s body or windshield and produces a robust directional image during the day or night, along with competitive range and resolution for faster object identification and longer braking distances at highway speeds.


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