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Sept. 14, 2020—A recent podcast by I-CAR warned drivers of the meticulous pitfalls of calibration—such as leaving your golf clubs in your trunk. When calibrating a vehicle, everything must be accounted for from the fuel level in the tank to the extra four pounds of nine irons in the trunk. Forgotten items have the potential to throw off the cameras and sensors that need to be accurately and finely tuned for calibration.

Dan Young, executive vice president at asTech, said in a press release, “I think as we move from a vehicle car base that has maybe 15% of the vehicles with full ADAS to one that’s closer to 25%, 50%, and 60% in the next 24 months…we need to make sure that after they’re damaged, that this industry’s capable of fixing them in the right way.”

ADAS calibrations are a new feat for technicians in the automotive industry, but the importance of properly calibrated systems cannot be emphasized enough.  “Shortcuts come at a risk, and so we always caution everyone to make sure that they’re following the OEM repair procedures,” Young said.

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