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Ford Tests Self-Parking Valet

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Sept. 1, 2020—In collaboration with Blue Oval, Bedrock, and Bosch, Ford is developing one of the most comprehensive parking assist features in vehicles today. The new app will essentially serve as a personal valet for drivers. 

The concept is simple, you drive to your destination, exit your vehicle, open your app and direct it to park itself. The vehicle will then assess the parking situation via sensors and cameras located throughout the vehicle, finding a safe and accessible parking spot. Once the vehicle has parked itself, you can even summon it to come pick you up, reports Car Buzz. Rumor has it, the vehicle can even be told to give itself a car wash and then return to pick up its owner.

Currently, Ford, Bedrock, and Bosch are hosting demonstrations of the valet feature in downtown Detroit, Michigan. 


Image: Ford

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