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SkyDrive Lifts Off

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Sept. 1, 2020—Earlier this month, ADAPT reported on Japanese company, SkyDrive, and its first edition of a flying car. Only weeks later, SkyDrive has successfully finished its first flight.  

In its first flight at the Toyota Test Field, the vehicle hovered six and a half feet above ground and circled the field for roughly four minutes, with a pilot in the driver's seat. The flying car, named SD-03, is the world's smallest electric vertical takeoff and landing vehicle, reports CNN, it only takes up the space of two parked cars but has eight motors.

SkyDrive hopes to make flying cars a part of everyday transportation, not a commodity reserved only for the rich. As of now, the flying car has no set price, but the company hopes to release the world's first commercialized flying car in 2023. 


Image: Robb Report

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