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GM Gathers Connected-Car Data

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Aug. 24, 2020—"We're drowning in data," says Allen Levenson, the head of General Motors' chief data and analytics office. With over 20 million connected vehicles spanning 47 countries, it is easy to see how its research has evolved into what Levenson calls a "rich data ecosystem." 

Wards Auto recently reported that GM has an abundance of usable data from its drivers—but where is this data coming from? At General Motors the OnStar service incorporated into almost every vehicle has data-tracking capabilities. Onboard diagnostic equipment can sense upcoming maintenance issues and onboard data collecting can tell you how safely and efficiently drivers are moving and whether or not they are getting the expected miles per gallon. 

The data collected is usually turned over to insurers to who monitor these driving behaviors and offer their clients insurance rates based on the results. But from the sheer number of vehicles occupying the roads, the "rich data ecosystem" shows no signs of slowing down. 

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