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Volvo Donates Hybrid Vehicles to UTI

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Jan. 28, 2020—Volvo has announced it will contribute 36 new vehicles to include twin-engine plug-in hybrid vehicles to Universal Technical Institute's core automotive training program, reported Yahoo Finance.

The donation is part of its national Vehicle Lease Program for Schools initiative. The effort supports Volvo's strategy to work directly with UTI and other educational institutions to put state-of-the-industry technology into the hands of students training for transportation careers, and ultimately increase the number of skilled technicians in the field.

The cars will be delivered to 11 campuses.

UTI is revising its core curriculum to ensure that all students have the opportunity to experience learning on the Volvo cars in the lab.

Upon completion of UTI's core training programs, UTI students who wish to specialize in Volvo vehicles have the option to continue their studies through the 14-week Volvo Service Automotive Factory Education (SAFE) program.

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