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First Legislation Passed for Flying Cars

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Aug. 6, 2020—New Hampshire Governor, Chris Sununu (R), signed the nation's first state law regulating flying cars at the end of July. 

The legislation formalizes registration, inspection, and fees for the so-called "roadable vehicles" reports Smart Cities Dive. The vehicles, which are still under development and will be for a while, are intended to be used on both the road and in the air. According to manufacturers' plans, they will have the capability to be driven to an airport, where they will then have their wings deployed, go through a pre-flight inspection, and the last step is takeoff. 

Flying cars are still a few years away, but legislation such as this helps to create a framework for regulators. As the technology matures, the regulations will evolve, but laying the groundwork is a huge first step. 

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