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Mercedes-Benz Partners with NVIDIA

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Aug. 3, 2020—Mercedes-Benz has partnered with NVIDIA to create an all-new computing platform for vehicles that will cater to evolving technological advancements. The aim of the partnership is to make updating your vehicle's software system as painless as updating your phone's software.

The primary benefit of using NVIDIA's technology in Mercedes-Benz models is not only for the ease of current software updates, but for the continued ease throughout the next frontier of autonomous vehicles. Other features of the system include standard driver assist programs such as driverless parking and a new system for pedestrian and bicyclist detection in which the door will not open if there is a biker coming up behind the vehicle

The companies affectionately refer to it as, "The biggest partnership of its kind in the transportation industry," reports Futurum


Image: Mercedes-Benz 

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