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Audi Hires...Drones?

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July 31, 2020—Car lots can be as confusing as corn mazes with customers and even employees getting turned around on-site. Audi has decided to use a specially-developed drone system that saves time and cuts down on frustration by locating your car on the lot. 

Audi's Neckarsulm manufacturing plant makes and stores thousands of cars at a time. Locating vehicles that are ready for dispatch can sometimes be the most complicated part of the entire operation. That's where the drones come in. According to, every new car will have an RFID chip installed somewhere in the body of the vehicle that can be easily located by the drone. 

The hexacopter (drone with six propellers) takes off, flying over the parking lot and marking the position of each vehicle. Once it lands, the autonomous drone transmits the data via WiFi back to employees, saving time and frustration. 

The drones are still currently being tested at the Neckarsulm site, but if all goes well, they plan to expand. 


Image: Audi

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