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VeriFacts Automotive Says There is Always Room For Improvement

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July 23, 2020—Now is the time to upgrade your shop's technology, according to VeriFacts Automotive, which has defined five key areas repair facilities should consider updating. 

Connectivity and Bandwidth are first on the list. If your bandwidth is already stretched too thin, it could slow down your administration, technicians, and even customers who depend on internet access.

High-tech tools are close to becoming a necessity in shops everywhere. Uploading vehicle information to estimators, downloading repair manuals, and monitoring equipment are a few standard capabilities with the latest high-tech tools.

Along with connection and bandwidth, VeriFacts says it is also important to keep track of your equipment that uses an internet connection. Keeping inventory in a simple spreadsheet will let you know when it is time to upgrade. 

Backing up your data is always a good idea and hopefully this is simply a reminder. It is not enough to back up your data once or twice a year, shops should be doing it often to minimize the margin of error.

 VeriFacts final words of wisdom are: data pumps. You or someone installed data pumps on your servers to be able to transmit and receive data, but these pumps are vendor specific. If you are not still using that same vendor, they could be accessing your customers' data and you should get it removed. 

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