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Audi Releases Tech Talk Series

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Audi R8

July 27, 2020—In an effort to share more information about the technology behind its vehicles, Audi is publishing a Tech Talk series

One of the Tech Talk’s focused on Traffic Light Information (TLI) and how Audi provides it to its customers. With a subscription to Audi connect Prime, which is available in most of its vehicles, drives can see a countdown for how long a traffic light will be red before it turns green. It also offers recommended driving speeds to limit the number of red lights that are hit. This information isn’t only beneficial to drivers. Cities will also be able to use the data to see how long vehicles are at stop lights and use that information to create a better flow of traffic. 

The thought behind this technology is to create a more convenient driving experience for Audi drivers. Traffic lights are a common cause of aggravation, and by providing information that allows drivers to know how long they’ll be there and also avoid stopping all together, drivers will have a more enjoyable, seamless experience to their destination. 

Another entry in the series shared insight into repair procedures and why “not all collision repair is the same.” 

Audi repairs are different from other vehicles. For example, an Audi R8 space frame uses T6 aerospace-grade aluminum, which is stronger than military grade aluminum and is different from what many other vehicles use. Because of this, the way that frame is repaired will differ. 

Highlighting the materials used and the need for different tools and training is essential for providing a safe repair for vehicle owners. Mark Allen, who leads Audi’s collision repair initiatives, presented this frame to a team of claims adjusters and described the need for an understanding of different structures by using a common school project: The egg drop. 

“When I present to insurance companies they often ask why don’t manufacturers all fix their cars the same way and why do we require specialized equipment,” Allen said, according to the Audi Newsroom. “I answer a question with a question: I ask if they have ever done the drop the egg from the top of the school experiment. Many raise their hands. I ask if everyone answered the challenge by building their protection cells the same way. They all look at me quizzically and then exclaim “No!” as if there was something wrong. My point to them is that auto manufacturers meet the challenge of creating stunning, quality, fuel-efficient, fun-to-drive vehicles by their own corporate style and design philosophies.

“The end result is success to their customers, but they all answer very differently. Audi is a balance of style, efficiency, performance, capability, luxury and technology that many aspire to but don’t combine in the same perfect proportions.”

The Audi Authorized Collision Repair Team, which Allen is a part of, is involved with vehicle design and engineering and works with those vehicles to develop repair processes. The team works with dealer development, helping develop the necessary tools and training to effectively and safely repair the vehicles. 

When asked about repair facilities that aren’t in Audi’s certified program, Allen had this to say, according to the Audi Newsroom: 

“What the average shop that is not a part of the program does is a very big unknown. An untrained technician’s opinion on how to complete repairs on advanced materials and vehicle systems are the ultimate gamble. We provide a repeatable outcome.”

This post by Audi highlights the need and importance of repair procedures and becoming certified in repairs.

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