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GM Releases Extensive ADAS, Calibration Guide

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July 13, 2020—General Motors recently posted an extensive guide outlining the operation of its driver-assistance systems.

Although the guide does not replace the OEM procedures, the “Driver Assistance Systems” document is meant to serve as a configuration reference for shops to utilize both to educate themselves, as well as insurers and customers.

In the introduction, the guide outlines: “During the course of vehicle diagnosis and repair, part replacement, or collision repair, components related to advanced driver assistance systems may need to be accessed or removed. In some cases, a calibration may need to be performed after service to ensure proper operation of the system. Below is a list of available systems, components involved in the system, and when these components require a calibration procedure be performed. Refer to the appropriate Service Information document for specific calibration instructions, as well as any additional programming operations needed if the component was replaced.”

The guide lists the official name, abbreviation and “regular production option” (RPO) code of each ADAS feature and explains what it does and the related parts. It also explains when calibration is required and the cause of calibration issues for certain parts.

For example, the guide notes that if the front windshield camera is not properly calibrated, per OEM repair procedures, the Super Cruise, Camera or Advanced Adaptive Cruise Control, Forward Collision Alert, regular and Enhanced Automatic Emergency Braking, Front Pedestrian Braking, Lane Keep Assist With Lane Departure Warning and regular Lane Departure Warning and IntelliBeam Auto High Beam Assist could all be compromised, due to their use of the front windshield camera.

In the guide, GM outlines what to look for, the RPO code, and the actual brand name of the ADAS to search for in the repair procedures. 

Used in conjunction with the OEM procedures, the guide could assist repairers in both more easily understanding how to repair these new systems, and more readily obtain reimbursement from insurance companies.

Image: GM

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