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Survey: The Most-Disabled ADAS Feature

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June 29, 2020—A survey from Erie Insurance found that drivers with ADAS features turn some of them off manually.

“Drivers said their most common reasons for turning off or disabling features is that they find them annoying or distracting,” said Jon Bloom, vice president of personal auto for Erie Insurance, in a press release.

The most-disabled feature was adaptive cruise control at 30 percent of respondents. The most common complaint was that drivers just wanted to be able to control their highway speed. The same argument for human control was made by respondents who agreed with the second-most-disabled ADAS feature, which is lane assist.

The most popular feature in the survey was the backup camera. Only 6 percent of respondents disabled it, according to Erie. But those who did disable it say they don't trust the camera view.

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