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Safety Groups Agree on Terms for ADAS

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May 14, 2020—Five safety groups approved common terms for ADAS under the Clearing the Confusion campaign, reported CNET.

The five groups include the AAA, the Society of Automotive Engineers, Consumer Reports, JD Power and the National Safety Council.

The terms are not meant to replace what OEMs want to call the features but are meant to offer clear explanations for consumers.

According to the report, in the "collision intervention" portion of the ADAS dictionary, each group agreed to the phrase "automatic emergency braking" for a system that "detects potential collisions with a vehicle ahead, provides forward collision warning and automatically brakes to avoid a collision or lessen the severity of impact. Some systems also detect pedestrians or other objects."

Each group also decided to call "high-beam assist" as "automatic high beams."

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