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Autonomous Vehicles are Growing More Data Dependent

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May 6, 2020—Data storage and artificial intelligence (AI) are driving the development of autonomous cars, reported The Verge.

Over the past 20 years, the number of electronic control units in a car has grown.  In the past, each piece of storage/memory in the car belonged to one application. And, with consumers choosing vehicles with on-board infotainment centers, data storage has to increase its capacity.

To increase data storage, manufacturers are now bypassing tier-one suppliers for sub-systems and dealing with data storage manufacturers.

According to the report, the solid state drive (SSD) for example, will become more integrated as part of the car’s system. Such storage does not look like a flash drive you plug into a PC. It’s a chip, soldered down on a circuit board, and must be able to withstand temperatures and vibration, and be integrated into a car’s onboard tech system.

Data also has to be accessible across multiple platforms and this is where AI comes in. There is a demand for new storage, network, and computing infrastructures that combine cloud services with in-car computing power to handle the massive amounts of data collected by connected cars.

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