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VW Goes to Industrial Cloud Platform

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May 4, 2020—Volkswagen is working to improve the efficiency of its plants and reduce production costs by integrating production plants into the Volkswagen Industrial Cloud, according to a Volkswagen press release.

The first three plants were linked in 2019 and now the automaker is intending to bring the cloud to 15 plants.

The cloud provides a cost-effective and standardized way for the OEM to collect and organize plant data into the Industrial Cloud. In the first step, Volkswagen defined 15 different applications which are now being made available as standardized apps for all plants. The main focuses include the predictive maintenance of machines and the reduction of reworking on vehicles through artificial intelligence (AI). 

In the “brownfield” approach, data from several hundred thousand machines and plant items will be recorded by sensors and analyzed by standardized apps on the cloud. Each machine, equipment item and system will be connected manually. In the case of older systems, it will also be necessary to install sensors.

The solutions and applications currently being developed by Volkswagen are also to be made available to other companies within an open ecosystem.

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