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Widespread Confidence of Need for Autonomous Vehicle Projects

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April 22, 2020—Hyperdrive spoke with a handful of autonomous vehicle experts and found that while consolidation might be inevitable, the need for self-driving car projects is more urgent than ever, reported Bloomberg.

Experts include Ro Gupta, the co-founder and CEO of Carmera, a New York based maker of high-definition maps, Dmitri Dolgov, the chief technology officer for Waymo, Oliver Cameron, the co-founder and CEO of Voyage Auto, and more.

Autonomous vehicles represent not only a way to make roads safer but a way to help riders stay healthy during uncertain COVID-19 times, according to the report. The shutdown has also emphasized the industry's move to consolidation.

While 2022 was a commonly accepted year for self-driving vehicle commercialization, now the timeline is being pushed back to 2025 or 2026. 

Experts do say that investments in autonomous driving could slow down during the coronavirus and cause a slow down in progress on projects. For automakers, investing in these projects might be seen more as a luxury not needed at the moment. 


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