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Configuration of Driver Assistance Systems Affects Crash Rates

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April 17, 2020—A new study from the Highway Loss Data Institute (HLDI) on insurance claims data from various BMW models showed collision avoidance systems are reducing more crashes.

The HLDI compared insurance claims data from BMW vehicles for model years 2013-17. Analysts compared the claims data associated with four different BMW crash avoidance packages.

According to the study, the first one combined forward collision warning and lane departure warning. A second included those features as well as front automatic emergency braking (AEB). The Driving Assistance package added adaptive cruise control. Driving Assistance Plus includes all those features as well as lane centering and front cross-traffic alert, pushing it further along the continuum of automated driving into what is known as Level 2 automation. 

The study showed the combination of improvements in front crash prevention and the addition of adaptive cruise control resulted in large reductions in the frequency of property damage liability and bodily injury liability claims. 

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