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Tips to Keep Data Secure

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April 9, 2020—Remote work during this time can present challenges for businesses, including how to keep work-related information secure when someone is accessing it at home, reported Entrepreneur.

According to the report, here are four steps that could enable your team work remotely without compromising or risking data.

  1. Ramp up user-training efforts.  Phishing emails are one of the most common threats facing employees, tricking them into clicking on fraudulent links that are designed to install malware or steal account information. Teach employees to identify fraudulent communications.
  2. Require two-factor authentication. Requiring two-factor authentication adds a layer of redundancy to ensure the actual account owner is accessing the account. The account owner will have the password and the phone where the verification code is sent, for example.
  3. Audit account-access restrictions. Exploiting proprietary information, giving away account access and other, similar actions could compromise your company’s digital data. The more access someone has to your internal dashboards, the greater the threat.
  4. Provide remote security updates. When providing company-owned devices, make sure that all firewalls and antivirus software is fully up-to-date. The use of encryption software can also protect your data.



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