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Model Showcase: 2024 Honda Prologue

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Honda via Car and Driver

Oct. 20, 2022—The 2024 Honda Prologue may not be on the road just yet, but Honda is hopeful that this new vehicle will set a standard. 

The Prologue is a fully electric vehicle from Honda, through a joint development agreement with General Motors. It made its official debut this month. It is an SUV model with what Honda labels as a "neo-rugged" design on its website. The idea is that this vehicle could be fit for the city streets and beyond.

As noted by Car and Driver, this will be Honda's second go at the EV market. Previously, Honda debuted the Clarity EV model, but it was discontinued in Aug. 2021.

The Prologue is set to arrive in early 2024. 

A Look at the Aesthetics

The 2024 Honda Prologue has a panoramic roof and boasts a roomy interior with over 102.6 cubic feet of room in the cabin. Honda's website features a view of the Prologue dashboard, which includes an 11.3-inch infotainment touchscreen. 

Additionally, Car and Driver notes the 11-inch digital gauge display, which they believe will be standard on the vehicle. 

The smooth and sleek design of the Prologue was conceptualized by Honda's Los Angeles-based design team. The aforementioned "neo rugged" style of the vehicle has the potential to put the Prologue on an even playing field with other rugged vehicles from the automaker. 

In fact, the Honda website points out that the Prologue will have 21-inch wheels and a wheelbase that is in line with the other rugged offerings from Honda. 

Other dimensions concerning the exterior of the EV include 192 inches in overall length, 64.7 inches in height, 78.3 inches wide and a 121.8-inch wheelbase. 

Potential Range and Cost

Car and Driver reports that the Prologue will use the Ultium battery packs, which were developed with General Motors. General Motors uses Ultium on other EVs such as the Blazer. 

Although nothing has been solidified yet about the range and charge time on the Prologue, Kelley Blue Book reports that a "max range of beyond 300 miles" is likely. 

There is not any information available as of yet about the pricing or trim levels of the Prologue. Car and Driver estimates a starting price of around $45,000. Kelley Blue Book also anticipates a price range of mid-$40,000. 

The Road Ahead

Overall, the polished design of the Prologue definitely allows it to stand out. It is a blend of both futuristic and familiar. Even though not all of the information on this vehicle has been released yet, it will be interesting to see how the Prologue stacks up in the long run.

Honda doesn't plan on slowing down with EV investments, either. Back in April 2022, the automaker announced that it will spend $40 billion on electrification over the next decade. This will include launching 30 EV models by 2030. 

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