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EPA Plans Strict Emissions Rules for Heavy Trucks

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Sept. 22, 2022—The United States Environmental Protection Agency may adopt new greenhouse gas emissions rules for heavy trucks, according to Reuters. 

The EPA proposed smog and greenhouse gas emissions cuts for heavy-duty vehicles in March. The Inflation Reduction Act was passed in Congress in August, inspiring the EPA to return to this proposal.

In December, the EPA plans to issue supplemental notice for the rules of stricter greenhouse gas standards regarding 2027 through 2029 model years. The EPA will finalize smog-forming truck rules by December as well. 

In its initial proposal from March, the EPA suggested stricter standards for vocational and tractor vehicles that included school and transit buses, commercial delivery trucks and short-haul tractors. Reuters reported that the EPA said its proposed greenhouse gas standards for heavy trucks would lower carbon dioxide emissions by 24% to 25%, but environmentalists have said they want to see a larger impact made. 

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