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SMP Expands ADAS Program

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Sept. 20, 2022—Standard Motor Products has announced an expansion of its ADAS program.

According to a press release, Standard's ADAS product line features Park Assist Cameras and Sensors, Blind Spot Detection Sensors, Cruise Control Detection Sensor, Lane Departure System Cameras and Steering Angle Sensors. 

The Standard ADAS program has more than 550 part numbers and represents over 800 million repair opportunities for ICE, EV and hybrid vehicles alike.  

The program's newly introduced ADAS components cover an additional 44.5 million vehicles. Blind Spot Detection Sensors are available for almost 5.8 million Ford and Lincoln vehicles. Cruise Control Distance Sensors are available for many Ford and Lincoln vehicles. Lane Departure System cameras are available for some of these models as well. 

New Part Assist Camera coverage offers 11.3 million additional repair opportunities. Parking Assist Sensors have been added for more than 2 million General Motors vehicles and 2.7 million Audi and Volkswagen vehicles, as well as others. Over 6 million General Motors, Nissan and Mitsubishi vehicles have Steering Angle Sensors added. 

“Advanced Driver Assistance Systems are an integral part of keeping drivers and their families safe," said John Herc, the vice president engine management marketing for SMP, via the press release. "Standard is committed to consistently introducing and releasing new part numbers to maintain a complete ADAS Program.”

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