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California Tesla Owner Files 'Phantom Braking' Lawsuit

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Sept. 1, 2022—A class action lawsuit has been filed against Tesla for a "phantom braking" issue.

According to Reuters, the lawsuit was recently filed by Jose Alvarez Toledo of San Francisco, California. Toledo is the owner of a Tesla Model 3. 

He is suing Tesla for alleged problems with the vehicle making sudden and unnecessary stops. The lawsuit claims that this technology is unsafe for drivers, and even calls the issue a "frightening and dangerous nightmare", according to Reuters. 

The lawsuit, which was filed last Friday, wants class action status for those who own or lease Tesla models in the United States that were impacted by "phantom braking."

According to Reuters, the lawsuit wants compensatory and punitive damages for repairs and diminished value of the vehicles, and accuses Tesla of hiding the risks involved with its Autopilot ADAS system.  

This lawsuit adds to an ongoing conversation surrounding Tesla safety, including NHTSA investigations into Autopilot.

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