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Uber Launches EV Ride Program in Philadelphia

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Aug. 15, 2022—Uber is offering passengers in Philadelphia the opportunity to choose a ride in an electric vehicle.

According to a report from WPVI-TV in Philadelphia, riders in the market will be able to rent an electric vehicle through Uber's rental program with Hertz. Around 15,000 people have rented Teslas from the company, and Uber says it hopes to have 50,000 by the end of next year. 

"You can push a button and get a ride and a premium EV, usually a Tesla. Maybe another vehicle like a Polestar, but a premium EV," Uber Product Communications Head Brooke Anderson said. "It's our goal to make every Uber ride an electric one by 2030."

Customers can also choose local, one-time rides in EVs as well; per the report, the cost of a near-11-mile trip from Philadelphia's city hall to the airport cost $42.99 for an EV and $30.97 for a normal ride.

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