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Coalition Updates ADAS Terminology Recommendations

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July 28, 2022—A coalition focused on "Clearing the Confusion" has released recommendations for universal terminology surrounding ADAS features.

According to the AAA Newsroom, the coalition consists of AAA, Consumer Reports, National Safety Council, J.D. Power, PAVE, and SAE International. The efforts surrounding "Clearing the Confusion" began in 2019 and resulted in a list of standardized terms in 2020 that were endorsed by the U.S. Department of Transportation. 

The purpose of this terminology is to streamline information, establishing consistency for consumers across elements like owner's manuals, window stickers, marketing materials, and more. 

There are six categories on the coalition's list, including collision intervention, collision warning, driving control assistance, parking assistance, driver monitoring, and other driver assistance systems. The newest category is driver monitoring, which was just added this year.

The coalition encourages automakers, safety organizations, regulators, journalists, and stakeholders to use this terminology in order to reduce confusion for drivers across the board. The coalition believes that, with ADAS features becoming more and more prevalent, standardized language is increasingly important when referring to the various ADAS elements that are available. 

The coalition's recommendations can be read here

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