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EV Collision Repairs May Cost More Than ICEs

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July 27, 2022—New and early data results have revealed that electric vehicles may be more expensive for customers, in terms of collision repair.

According to Forbes, which cites data from CCC Intelligent Solutions Inc., a recent CCC study showed that the average EV model cost $4,041 to repair. This is based on insurance claims regarding non-luxury brand vehicles that were still drivable with front-end damage.

The average cost for similar claims on mid-size luxury SUV EVs was $8,037.

To put these numbers in perspective, the non-luxury average is 27 percent higher than similar non-EV vehicles. The mid-size luxury average is 53 percent higher than a comparable non-EV repair.

Susanna Gotsch, director and Industry Analyst with CCC, told Forbes that this data is new and therefore is subject to further development.

Some factors that add to high repair costs, according to CCC, can include: the expensive of replacing ADAS features, a lengthier repair process due to the learning curve of new EV tools and features, the heft of EV battery packs causing a greater collision force, and a lengthier spray-painting process for EV due to having to remove the battery pack before painting can occur.

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