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Quarter of Americans Want an EV, Survey Says

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An electric vehicle at a charging station.

July 19, 2022—A new AAA survey has revealed that one-quarter of Americans are likely to buy an electric vehicle for their next car purchase. 

According to the Lane Report, the greatest percentage of the individuals who responded to the AAA survey are Millennials, making up 30 percent of those who would buy an EV. The AAA survey showed that 77 percent of people desiring the EV route want to do so because of high gas prices. Overall, the survey found that one in four Americans want their next car to be fully electric.

“The increase in gas prices over the last six months has pushed consumers to consider going electric, especially vehicle owners within that 26- to 41-year-old age group,” said Lori Weaver Hawkins, public affairs manager, AAA Blue Grass, according to the Lane Report. “They are looking for ways to save and automakers continue to incorporate sought-after styling and the latest cutting-edge technology into electric vehicles, which appeals to this group of drivers in particular.”

Regardless of the intention to go electric, the survey showcased certain hesitancies as well. Range anxiety is still prevalent, with 58 percent of respondents concerned about running out of a charge while driving.

Additionally, 60 percent cited high purchase prices as a concern, 55 percent said the cost of battery replacement, and 31 percent said the inability to install a charging station where they live. Fifty-five percent of respondents fear that EVs are not suitable for long-distance traveling, and 60 percent worry that there are not enough places to charge the vehicle. 

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