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Ford Sued over Alleged Mustang Mach-E Safety Defect

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July 14, 2022—Three Mustang Mach-E owners have filed a civil lawsuit against Ford Motor Co. over an alleged design flaw that causes the vehicle to lose power while driving. 

According to a report from The Detroit Free Press, the lawsuit alleges that Ford has known about the design flaw but has not taken steps to develop a solution.

"When you have damages that affect a safety issue and the company doesn't appear to have a solution, then you get into a problem that nobody wants to drive around a car that may stop working while they're driving," Aashish Desai, the lawyer representing the three drivers, said. "I'm shocked they still have these cars out on the road."

According to the litigation, the automaker "has actual knowledge that, because of the way in which the battery contactors were designed and integrated into the Defective Vehicles, the contactor switch could suddenly fail during normal operation, cutting off engine power and certain electrical systems in the cars, which in turn, disables key vehicle components, safety features or other vehicle functions, leaving occupants vulnerable to crashes, serious injuries, and death."

A Ford spokeswoman told the Detroit Free Press the company does not comment on active litigation, but the automaker has said it is not aware of any injuries or accidents caused by the alleged defect. 

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