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Consumer Interest in EVs Skyrockets

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July 8, 2022—A new study from Consumer Reports has found consumer interest in electric vehicles has grown significantly over the last two years. 

According to that survey cited in a report from The Detroit News, 71 percent of the 8,027 US consumers who responded to the survey said they would be interested in buying or leasing a new electric vehicle. Of that group, nearly a quarter said they would "seriously consider" an EV, and another 14 percent said they "definitely" would buy or lease.

In Consumer Reports' 2020 survey, only 4 percent of respondents said they would "definitely" buy an EV, highlighting a major increase in consumer interest following a concerted effort from the auto industry and the federal government to push electric vehicles.

Mary Greene, senior policy counsel for Consumer Reports, says that interest should be met by automakers trying to make their new electric offerings even more appealing to the general public.

"We'd also love to see automakers working on putting out models that are more affordable," Greene said. "We are certainly really excited to see that there are increasingly more affordable models on the market ... there is a demand for these cars."

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