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Tesla Introduces Adaptive Suspension Software Update

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April 12, 2022—Tesla has started rolling out a software update that will allow supported vehicles to better avoid potholes and broken pavement.

According to a report from Yahoo! Finance citing an Electrek story, the new function can scan a road for potholes or other defects, generate "rough road map data" and deploy adaptive suspension to adjust ride height for a smoother ride. 

A news release from the automaker says the adjustment may occur at varying locations "subject to availability," which seems to imply the system will become more refined as Tesla vehicles gather information and share it with each other.

At the time of this report, the adaptive ride adjustment feature will only work in Tesla Model S and Model X vehicles that are equipped with adaptive suspension. Per the Yahoo! report, it's unclear if Model 3 and Model Y vehicles will still gather pothole data.

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