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General Motors is Developing Cars for the Moon

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June 17, 2022—General Motors is working with Lockheed Martin to create Lunar Mobility Vehicles.

According to the New York Post, these vehicles would be developed for transportation regarding manned missions that visit the Moon. The vehicles are being designed as autonomous, and capabilities will allow for carrying both humans and gear across the moon's surface. 

“The things that you would do to make a vehicle good in an off-road environment on Earth are the same things you would do on the Moon, it’s just a shift in the numbers,” said Jeff Vogt, GM advanced vehicle dynamics lead engineer in the article. 

This project is independent of NASA's Artemis program, and is moving forward without any government contracts backing it. 

General Motors is using a "driver-in-the-loop" simulator, which was used in the past for the GMC Hummer EV. This time, the system has one-sixth of Earth's gravity and a recreation of some of the Moon's surface for accuracy. 

The expected lifespan of these vehicles is around a decade. They will use solar power to charge. The first manned Moon mission of this century is set for 2025.

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