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Kentucky Heat Overheats Cars, Kills Batteries

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June 16, 2022—High temperatures in Kentucky this season are already causing an increase in vehicle repair needs.

According to WYMT, vehicles have been prone to overheating in the close to 100-degree temperatures that the state is experiencing.

“A lot of overheating problems, a lot of air conditioner problems, a lot of battery problems. That pretty much wraps it up because the heat is just as bad on the cars as the cold air is,” said John Parker, general manager of Complete Automotive, in the article. 

He has been recommending that drivers opt for inspections on their vehicles as a preventative measure, because it can save them from more expensive repairs further down the line. 

AAA has reportedly received a large amount of calls due to the heat. Jed Bowles, AAA fleet manager, said that the high outdoor temperatures are combining with 220-degree temperatures under the hood of vehicles, resulting in dead batteries. 

“Once you lose a battery, obviously you’ll have to get it replaced. And that can lead to, more so than money, just a loss of time. Especially, if you’re on a trip. Going on vacation with your family. A battery is the last thing you want to deal with.” Bowles said in the article. 

It appears that shops across the aftermarket may be having these kind of conversations with customers as long as the heat persists through the summer. 

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