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DMC DeLorean Unveils Alpha 5 EV Remake

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Image: DeLorean Motor Company

June 8, 2022—The DeLorean Motor Company late last month revealed the Alpha 5, its modern reimagining of the '80s cult classic sports car.

First teased back in February, the concept car is all-electric and will have its full debut later this summer at the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance car show in California. According to a report from NPR, limited production of the vehicle will begin in 2024.

"The Alpha5 is a representation of the past 40 years of DeLorean," DMC Chief Marketing Officer Troy Beetz said in a statement. "There was this enormous responsibility to make sure we honored the history of the DeLorean brand, but an even greater responsibility in curating its future ... I think we did both with the Alpha5."

CEO Joost de Vries told Texas Public Radio in March that the Alpha 5 will be built in in San Antonio, though the NPR report points out that he also told a British publication the vehicle would be manufactured in Italy. Per the TPR interview, a plant would be constructed in San Antonio and DMC would hire 450 workers through the next several years to run it. 

DMC is partnering with Volkswagen-backed Italdesign, which helped develop the original DeLorean, to build the Alpha 5. The new electric vehicle will keep some of the iconic design staples of the original DeLorean, such as louvers on the rear windshield and top-opening wing doors. 

Though the original DeLorean became a pop culture icon through its appearance in 1985's "Back to the Future," the vehicle itself was woefully underpowered and was fairly unpleasant to drive. That, de Vries said, won't be the case with the new iteration; it won't be a hypercar, but the CEO said it will be designed for "people who want to drive."

Per the NPR report, the base Alpha 5 is expected to have a range topping 300 miles, a max speed clocking in around 155 mph and a zero to 60 acceleration rate under three seconds. 

And because it wouldn't be complete without it, the company threw in the time it would take to accelerate from zero to 88 mph--the speed needed to achieve time travel in the movie--which clocked in at an impressive 4.35 seconds.

The base model is expected to start around $175,000 per the report, which cites IGN. 

DMC is expecting that shouldn't be an issue for its consumers, who de Vries says have kept the DeLorean brand alive and strong for nearly half a century.

"DeLorean lived on in online games like Forza and Need for Speed and Asphalt, Playmobile, Hot Wheels," he said per the TPR report. "The brand never left the market. A lot of the ideas that DeLorean worked with in the early 80s is actually something that we're developing further."

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