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Right to Repair: Massachusetts Coalition Urges Prompt Decision

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June 3, 2022—The Massachusetts Right to Repair Coalition has filed an Amicus Curiae brief with the federal court as a reaction to the deleted Right to Repair ruling.

According to a press release, the Amicus Curiae is essentially an urging for prompt decision making in this case without any more delays. 

“During this delay, the automobile manufacturers are unfairly benefiting, winning new customers for their franchised dealerships, and consumers are losing," the brief outlined, according to the press release. "A prompt ruling upholding the Act is necessary to remedy this situation, which is contrary to the will of the voters.” 

Currently, the decision is delayed until at least July 1. As of that date, it will be over a year and a half since voters initially approved the Right to Repair and nearly a year from when the verdict was originally expected.

According to the press release, the brief also stated that “... delay has also been an integral part of auto manufacturers’ strategy in frustrating the ongoing efforts of consumers and independent repair shops to obtain fair and equitable access to vehicle diagnostic data needed to maintain and repair vehicles. Thus, the Committee submits this brief to request a prompt decision on this matter.”

The Massachusetts Right to Repair Coalition represents over 4,000 members statewide. This includes independent repair shops, auto parts stores, the Alliance of Automotive Service Providers of Massachusetts, the New England Tire and Service Association, Automotive Recyclers of Massachusetts and the Automotive Oil Change Association.

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