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Cruise AV Blocks Fire Truck Responding to Call

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May 27, 2022—A San Francisco Fire Department truck responding to a call last month was blocked by a Cruise driverless vehicle.

According to a report from Wired, the fire truck attempted to pass a double-parked garbage truck by driving into the oncoming lane of traffic. A Cruise AV was in that lane stopped, and "while a human might have reversed to clear the lane," the report says it just "stayed put." The driver of the garbage truck had to quickly pull their vehicle out of the way for the fire truck to pass.

“This incident slowed SFFD response to a fire that resulted in property damage and personal injuries,” a filing to the California Public Utilities Commission from city officials said.

Those officials added Cruise vehicles "stop too often in travel lanes" per the report, which "could have a 'negative impact' on fire department response times."

A Cruise spokesperson confirmed the incident, saying it is working closely with the SFFD. The city says it has requested a meeting with Cruise regarding the incident, but that has not yet happened.

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