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GM Files Patent for EV with 2 Charging Ports

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May 27, 2022—General Motors has filed a patent for an electric vehicle with two charging plugs.

According to a report from Kelley Blue Book, the patent outlines a system that has one 800-volt charging port and one 400-volt charging port. If executed and actually developed, it would work by charging a vehicle with both ports simultaneously.  

"GM’s patent would let users charge the entire battery from one 800-volt port, the entire battery from one 400-volt port, or half of it from one of each," the KBB report says. "The ports are bi-directional, so they could also be used to power other EVs or equipment in the field."

The system would be ideal for General Motors, which has its entire new lineup of EVs developed on the same Ultium architecture. 

The report does point out, though, that automakers are some of the most aggressive when it comes to using the U.S. patent system, and many file patents for systems and other ideas that never actually come to fruition.

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