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Jiffy Lube Reveals Results of Biometric Study

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May 20, 2022—Jiffy Lube has announced the results from a study using neuroscience and quantitative research in order to determine how the state of a vehicle can affect how the driver feels.

According to a press release, the research showed that well cared for cars could be somewhat of a sanctuary for the driver. On the other hand, dirty cars with unattended issues evoke negative emotions for the driver.

The study was conducted by HCD Research and had participants wear caps with electrodes. They were exposed to stimuli in four categories that covered traffic, dirty/disorganized vehicles, external car problems and dashboard warning lights 

“When we designed the study, we expected that there would be negative responses to the stimuli,” said Dr. Michelle Niedziela, PhD and VP of Research and Innovation at HCD Research, in the press release. “What we did not expect was how much feeling in or out of control also contributed to negative emotions.”

The study showed that the images of dirty cars and dashboard lights had the highest level of negative responses. The dirty cars left participants feeling unhappy overall, but they also felt that they had some control. 

Dashboard indicator lights evoked negative emotions and led to feelings around loss of control. 

“The results of this study are pretty compelling, in that we better understand how to empower consumers to take control of their vehicle maintenance,” said Sara Smith, CMO of Jiffy Lube International, Inc in the press release. “Consumers have a lot to juggle on their priority lists today and the reality is that vehicle maintenance can sometimes take a back seat. However, understanding the negative emotional impact of delaying this type of maintenance on drivers’ wellbeing gives us insight into improving our service and experience.”

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