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Motor City Anticipates Advantage With EV Jobs

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April 27, 2022—The increase of prevalence in electric vehicles has got the Motor City of Detroit, Michigan thinking about one major element: jobs. 

According to WXYZ Detroit, a move away from internal combustion engine vehicles may result in the loss of jobs for the city and its surrounding communities, but the shift towards EVs could also grow the work force potential in ways that Motor City has not experienced before. 

For example, General Motors currently has around 700 individuals employed at its Factory Zero EV assembly plant in Wayne County, Michigan.

It is anticipated that, as soon as next year, the plant could be operating at full capacity. This would mean the potential to employ more than 2,000 people. 

According to WXYZ Detroit, Factory Zero is actively recruiting interested individuals. There are many open positions and opportunities for entry-level employees as well as skilled trades workers. Factory Zero also provides on-the-job training. 

“The energy that we feel here, you can tell everyone has a lot of pride in what they do and being a part of this mission with General Motors,” said Kristen Everhardt, Human Resources Labor Relations Partner at GM’s Factory Zero in the article. 

At the same time, job growth can be a difficult area to navigate when faced with the reality that the decrease ICE demand will undoubtedly make quite a few jobs that the Motor City is known for suddenly obsolete. 

That is why this forward-thinking attitude is important, and it would appear that Detroit is already ahead.

“The state leadership is thinking ahead of many other states, so I’m happy and proud to see this,” said Dr. Weisong Shi, an Associate Dean at the Wayne State University College of Engineering and a Computer Scientist in the article.

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